Why Window Film?

Energy Efficiency;

:: Window film adds a Second/Third piece of Insulation to your Single/Dual pane windows. Think of it like a “Shield” against all the harmful rays of the Sun.

:: Lowers the Cost of your energy bill whether it is your A/C or Heating use.

:: Enhances your existing Low-E windows bringing your window to its Full potential.

:: Window film was noted as one of the best retrofitting you can do to your home.

Reducing Heat & Glare;

:: Reduction of up to 89% of your Total Solar Heat by adding window film to your windows making your environment more comfortable.

:: Reduce “Hot Spots”.  Is one room colder or hotter than another room? This is called hot spots and it can be balanced by adding window film to your windows.

:: Glare can be controlled by up to 85% by adding a tinted film to your windows in a varying degree upon your liking to achieve the desired glare reduction, like a good pair of sunglasses

Fading and Ultraviolet;

:: Adding window film to your windows even a clear film will reduce your U.V. into your home by 99% UVA and UVB.  It’s like putting an SPF 285 on your glass!

:: Window Film will Dramatically reduce the deterioration of your Wood Floors, Upholstery, Carpets, Furniture, Artwork, Pictures and Photos, Kitchen Cabinets! Pretty much everything of value can be protected after having window film installed on your windows.


:: Achieve daytime privacy with our darker tints while maintaining a perfect view from the inside out with low night interior reflectance.

Safety and Security;

:: Comfort knowing that your glass is secure and will hold together in an event of an earthquake or natural disaster.

:: Thicker clear films can be applied with proprietary adhesives to bond to the glass that will severely hinder or in most cases prevent entry through the glass, smash and grabs or burglary for your home or business.