Frosted Glass Ventura

Elegance in Glass

We all want our important possessions to be beautiful and elegant-looking, which is why in the design of our homes or offices, we use materials that project such characteristics. One material that manifest those traits is glass. Glass looks elegant that is why it is a common choice among professional designers for homes and offices.

Frosted Glass Window Films

Now comes frosted glass window film and its most recent decorative version. You may ignore the word “window” in the descriptive name since frosted glass film has been accepted as usable not only on windows but wherever glass is deemed appropriate.

Glaze Resembling Snow

Frosted glass window film, as we know, is an adhesive film that can be applied on any glass surface that is smooth and clean. Its original function for windows has been found to be also suitable for interior glasses used for other purposes such as partitions or space breakers.

Since it gives off the “frosted” effect, it blurs the glass’ transparency and increases the privacy of what is inside the enclosed area.

Decorative Designs

The next good thing about frosted glass window film is that it comes in various decorative patterns, which allow a property owner to have a design that he actually wants. In fact, one can even customise it like incorporate his initials or his business’ logo on it. Moreover, the films are available in various colors such as ruby red, lavender, ocean blue, sandstone, and dusty rose. You can also combine your personal design and your preferred colour in one film.

A Preferred Alternative

Frosted glass window film is a perfect alternative to drapes, curtains or blinds, given that these items are very costly and even require regular maintenance. Frosted film is certainly a more practical alternative to factory-frosted glass, particularly if you are building a new house. For example, if you need to set up a divider for a wide space in your living room, instead of installing a factory-frosted glass, you can have an ordinary glass divider installed and have it dressed up with your desired decorative glass frosting.  It is less expensive and easy to do.

Decorative frosted window can also be used to cover unwanted view without totally cutting off the light. Just put on a medium translucent decorative film to allow light to pass through the elegant decorative pattern.

Key Advantages

Essentially, the following are some of the most important advantages that can be gained by using frosted glass window films:

  1. Transforms an old setting to project a new ambiance
  2. Better alternative to curtains or blinds
  3. Comes in various colors and patterns
  4. Enhances privacy and security where necessary
  5. Lessens sun glare, but not the illumination. If lighting is not a desired consequence, may choose the opaque frost.
  6. Filters ultra violet rays to prevent damage to the skin
  7. Conserves energy within the space as the film blocks the heat of the sun from entering
  8. Protects furniture and items such as rugs from the effects of fading
  9. Prevents splintering of glass in case of a storm shatter or breakage
  10. Projects a new stylish appearance